Rent in Peace

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For any college student preparing to live away from the comfort of home, one of the most prominent things on their mind is finding a place for themselves. This is especially true for those ready to leave the ever-entertaining life of dwelling within dorms. By the end of his sophomore year at Pace University in 2014, Ryan Barone had landed a summer internship at Goldman Sachs. In need of a living space in New York City, Barone and a few friends planned to take that giant leap and rent their first apartment. Finally finding their ideal options for a temporary home, Barone turned to his father, Ed, to assist in finalizing the apartment-renting process.

Unfortunately, the group soon found out that finding an apartment and renting one were only two steps of a multi-step process. They had no idea how many and what kind of documents were needed before being handed the keys. So, after losing the apartments they wanted to other applicants, Barone contemplated if there was a better route his group could have gone to attain their ideal apartment. He talks about processing this revelation, “there has to be a better way, and we [Barone and company] found that there really wasn’t.” Thus, Ryan Barone began creating “RentRedi,” an app specialized in helping prospective apartment-hunters apply and lease rental accommodations easier than ever.

Ryan Barone

Ryan’s passion and drive for business and marketing did not come from just anywhere. Barone’s father–who had been by his son’s side as the origin story for “RentRedi” was taking place–worked with Ryan on the initial conception and became a Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer. With around 25 years of financial and marketing experience–toppled by his 24 years of owning a company specializing in managing branded goods and apparel–Ed Barone helped nurture his son’s plan for creating a platform for renters and apartment owners to transact on deals in a more fluid and modernized way. Mr. Barone initially suggested that RentRedi be a desktop website, but Ryan convinced him that a phone app was the way to go, “[it’s] easier for people just to key in all their info on their phone: scan, download, take pictures of all their documents […] and upon seeing the apartment they [want], send it to the landlord.” As one of the partners of “RentRedi” and commerce mentor for Ryan, Ed Barone motivates the continuous marketing growth of the product and giving it the best introduction to the general public as Ryan works hard on the app itself.

Ed and Ryan Barone

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Ryan also recruited another recently graduated colleague and friend from Pace, Daniel Keidar, as their Brand Management Intern. Keidar, whose academic focus is Economics and Mathematics, had also already developed a professional hobby doing graphic design. With his background as a graphic designer for the University’s Economics Newsletter, “On the Margin” (of which both Ryan and Daniel were members), and the branding experience he gained in previous marketing internships, Keidar became the ideal candidate to place “RentRedi” in an even more creative and professionally-sharp tier.

Daniel Keidar

Barone has no doubt in the team he’s assembled to make the brand a success:

“All three of us (Ryan, Ed, and Daniel) are some of the only people I (Ryan Barone) can say will sit in a room ‘til 4 in the morning, trying to figure out a problem until it’s solved and just not stop.”

Ryan, Ed and Daniel have worked vigorously in identifying a virtually universal problem and finding a smart, simple, and lucrative solution. With “RentRedi” only a few months old since its initial launch, the team is already expanding on its capabilities: broadening the company’s coverage in New York, to encompass the area in which their operations are based, as well as expansion to cover apartments across the United States.  In the works as well, Barone tells us, is their own, soon-to-premiere property management software, “RentRedi PM,” which will integrate with the existing RentRedi mobile app for renters to create an experience unlike anything on the market for renters and property owners alike. It is nothing but exciting to see how these business-savvy, talented, and driven men will change the real estate and technology market. For the three men, in particular, their road to changing the world for the better has just begun.

Written By: Traci Ann Thomas

Interviewed By: Julian Hollinger

Photographed By: Clive Cadillo

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