Design in Depth

Cardiff, Wales native Jaron Lionel is the graphic designer who COMMITS!

Although, he doesn’t like to be held to just one title, the term ‘visual artist’ is more appropriate. From logo design to music videos, his breadth of talent is reflective of a strong commitment to craft and a creative voice unlike any other.

Taking a stroll through his beautifully designed website which showcases his past work, his About page is an interesting and honest representation of the designer; “My passion is creating cool things; memorable, conceptual, creative things. With a focus towards motion, logo & identity, I think of myself as a problem solver. A creative problem solver. An adept creative problem solver having fun with it.”

His stylistic choice is solely a result of his love and excitement for creating, letting loose and being led by what he sees fit:

“I tend to work sort of minimally, and flat. Focusing on the subtleties…it’s sort of fun to play with the range of how far you can take [a project] and what different  mediums you can bring in…opening different doors to visual communication.”

He loves working on music videos which he is “totally into.” His most intricate project to date has been the execution of indie rock and jazz band, Modern Diet’s, vision for their music video Red Eye. 

With many of his projects Lionel appreciates the time spent creating by hand and says that drawing “adds a natural charm” to his work. With the Modern Diet project there is so much depth to it. Watching the video you notice that there is immense scale in many of the frames to create the never ending effect.  To maintain the drawn-by-hand aesthetic in the animation, he works on editing his drawings in Adobe Illustrator to emphasize the 2-D platform to keep it true to form, while keying lighting and textures. The movement of the images is created by rotating different textures across different frames, all before going into Photoshop to create the layers.

Modern Diet Red Eye.gif

A diverse artist for sure, some of Jaron’s other favored video work includes the creation of the music video Bedbugs for popular London artist Amaroun. 

Becoming engrossed in his work, locked away in his apartment is every part of the welcomed aspect of his process. With a fervent display for exceeding the demands of his projects, this self proclaimed perfectionist is humbled by the ever progressing joys of his craft.

Check out more of Jaron’s work here:

Written By: Julian Hollinger

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